Green Lane Burial Field

The Natural Choice


The Natural burial area is nearly 1 acre (0.4 hectares) in an 11 acre field and is situated on the plateau adjacent to Cefnbryntalch Hall. Once home of composer Peter Warlock

Each grave space measures 1.8 metres x 2.8 metres (70" x 110") and is accurately mapped.

We will normally dig and fill the grave on your behalf, but you can assist with the filling if you wish (by prior arrangement). The location can be chosen at time of need or secured with a reservation fee in advance. Please ask.

Because the burial field is being managed as a hay meadow, only spring bulbs (snowdrops/daffodils) or wild meadow flowers (fritillary/cowslips) may be planted on the grave (by permission only, at the appropriate time of year)

Funeral flowers are allowed. Tied arrangements are best as there is no oasis, plastic or florist wire to end up in landfill.

Graves become part of the field as Nature intended.


At burial a small natural marker stone will be placed at the head of each grave with a number corresponding to the entry in our register of burials.  (N.B. This will not always be visable and will cover over in time)

All burial details are maintained in a Register of Burials which is available for inspection by request.

Any type of coffin or shroud is permitted as long as it is completely biodegradable, i.e. no plastic or metal parts are allowed. A funeral director may be used, or you can carry out the entire proceedings yourself. Almost any type of ceremony may be held, be it religious, humanist or otherwise. We can help with advice. 

To ensure your funeral wishes are respected, be sure to discuss these with your nearest & dearest. Write them down clearly and leave a copy with your solicitor, executors and your next of kin. Update your instructions as and when your circumstances change, normally when you update your will.

If you would like to be buried at Green Lane but don't wish to reserve a plot in advance we can supply you with a pro-forma to fill in which instructs your executors of your wishes. Ask at