Green Lane Burial Field

The Natural Choice

Management Plan

The field of 11 acres (4.45Ha) is rolling grassland which once hosted cows and sheep. Half the field has steeply wooded slopes where bluebells and wood anemones flourish in the spring.

A previous habitat audit by Clive Faulkner, of the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust showed the presence of over 70 plant species. The woodland is mainly mixed oak and ash, with some cherry, rowan and hazel and has small areas of gorse, bracken and bramble.

In January 2004 we planted some 3,000 trees and shrubs - mainly local oak, but with ash, hazel, cherry and other species to provide interest and diversity.

We have an ongoing program of woodland management, including replacing any young trees that fail, selective thinning and controlling weeds.

Since October 2003 all livestock were excluded (except bunny rabbits!).

A Hay crop is harvested annually in July to allow seeds to set and birds to nest. As fertility declines we are seeing natural meadow grasses & flowers begin to flourish, including yellow rattle, plantain & yarrow.

In the Spring (before the grass starts growing) snowdrops, daffodils, wild primroses & fritillary are visable on the field. 

In the future sheep will graze