Green Lane Burial Field

The Natural Choice

When you die

There are some legal requirement's which must be followed, and many other arrangements to be made by your next of kin. It is therefore important that you make your wishes clear in advance of your death in order to minimise stress at a traumatic time.

We recommend you make clear your wishes to reflect the type of funeral you want; not what others want or may think you would have wanted.

If you would like a Natural Burial for your body at Green Lane then we can supply a pro forma for you to fill in. This allows you to choose what type of ceremony, who officiates, the type of coffin used, or even who you would like to be bearers.

A copy should reside with your will and another in a place where your next of kin will know where to look. As with other important documents such as your will, you should regularly review and update them as circumstance's change. (Especially if you had previously considered cremation!)

You may also consider drawing up a 'living will' which sets out your wishes should you become incapable of contributing to decisions about your medical care. Further advice on this can be found at the Natural Death Centre.


What must happen on death

A doctor will normally issue a cause of death certificate at the place of death. If the death was sudden, accidental or if the deceased person was not seen by the doctor in the previous 14 days, then the coroner must be informed.

The death must be registered at the Registrar office within 5 days.

To Make an Appointment - For a death in Powys Call 01597 827468 / For Shropshire Call 0345 6027038

The Registrar will supply copies of the death certificate and provide a Certificate for Burial (green certificate)

If the coroner is involved (s)he will decide whether to hold a post-mortem or inquest and will issue an Order for Burial (white certificate)

When a funeral booking is confirmed the Registrars green certificate or the Coroners Order for Burial must be handed to the funeral director or burial site manager.

After the funeral the burial field manager will notify the Registrar that the burial has taken place.

If cremation is chosen different rules apply and additional forms are necessary.

For more detail from Powys County Council