Green Lane Burial Field

The Natural Choice

Terms and Conditions - for body burials

A Right of Burial is granted on payment of the fee in place at the time and is granted without limit of time.

A single or double burial may take place in each plot.

A right of burial is not transferable.

Normally at least 48 hours notice is required before a burial can take place.

The proprietors will carry out the grave digging and filling though families may dig and/or fill the grave under supervision and at their own risk.

All coffins or shrouds used must be fully biodegradable.

We will maintain a Register of Burials which is available for inspection by appointment.

MEMORIALS - Green Lane is a Natural Burial Ground  - Memorials are strictly controlled by the proprietors.

No permanent memorials are to be placed on or near the grave other than natural flowers, which will be removed 2 weeks after burial.

Only Spring Bulbs (snowdrops/dafodils) or wild meadow flowers (fritillary/cowslips) may be planted on graves (at the appropriate times of year with permisssion)


Visitors to the site are welcome during daylight hours, though some areas may be restricted from time to time for safety reasons due to farm or woodland activities.

Any dogs must be under strict control.

Vehicles are limited to the car park area.

The proprietors reserve the right to amend or add to these conditions.

The executors, heirs and successors to Eira and Ifor Humphreys are instructed to continue to manage the field as a nature reserve and burial field.